FKS Computers


Web Sites (HTML) Home Page 

The home page generally sets the style, graphics and navigation structure of your entire web site. Our fee for the design of your home page includes all these items as well as including any text and images that make up the initial point of contact with visitors to your web site. Normally the text and images portion of this page should not exceed the equivalent of an A4 page. 

Price @ R 800.00

Additional Pages 

Additional pages will normally have the same 'feel' as the home page and again should not exceed the equivalent of an A4 page. Additional pages can convey information such as contact details, products or services pages, price details, feedback/enquiry forms and almost anything else you want to convey to your visitors.

Price @ R 250.00

Basic Website

In other words, a typical small web site that will provide you with a home page, 2 product or service pages, a contact details page and a page with a form for orders or feedback will cost approximately 

Average Price @ R 1 600.00 (4 pages in Total).The development time for such a site is 2 to 3 weeks.

Advanced Web Sites

If your needs dictate that a dynamic, database driven web site will best serve your requirements we can provide you with a quotation. As each web site is a unique development, it is difficult to provide an approximate price. Our rate for developing database driven web sites using PHP and mySQL is 

Price @ R 700.00 per hour.

Website Updates
We provide a service where we will update your web site on an ad-hoc basis at the rate of

 Price @ R 200.00 per hour

Search Engine Submission
We submit all web sites we design to the major international and South African free listing search engines and directories. Submission to the paid inclusion search engines and directories will be quoted on depending on your requirements. 

Other Web Site Components
All other components that you may want to include in your web site will be quoted on individually. These components can include shopping carts, sound and video, flash animations, site search engines and so on.

Joint Venture Web Sites
This option is aimed mainly at the small business owner who may not have the time, computer skills, finance or desire to have a web site or reply to the responses that come from it. In such cases, and provided that we can be convinced that there is a market for your product or service, we will design, host and maintain a web site for your business in return for a percentage of the income generated via the web site.